How to Make a Safe Diamond Purchase



Jewelry gifts are very much treasured a fact that makes them be commonly used to mark various vital events.  By giving them a gifts, shows how much you appreciate the person or the occasion to which it is presented. This is unique way to equate the value we have for other people or occasion. Jewelries are suitable gifts for special occasions such as anniversaries, graduations or even birthdays; they are a show how much value we attach to such occasions. With the pieces of jewelry being sold by various vendors in the market, it can be a bit challenging to come up with a sober purchasing decision. The following highlights will make you make a right jewel purchase.


The first thing is to know about the 4Cs which shows the quality of the diamond by giving out their characteristics. The price is dependent on the quality hence the importance to understand 4Cs so that you can make a sober purchasing decision.


The C first of the GIA scale stands for the units which are used to measure diamond called the metric carats. The next C stands for clarity in the GIA scale, a feature determined by internal features called inclusions and external ones called blemishes. Some of these features of the diamond from the Mervis Diamond Importers can only be seen by a gemologist.


The other C in GIA scale stands for the color, with the colorless diamonds being the most expensive but very rare to be found. All the colors in the GIA scale starts from D to Z, meaning the colors start from colorless to brown. What is important is to understand is that  it calls for services of a trained eye to be in a position to identify the difference in these colors. Color difference means a difference in the prices.


The remaining C means “Cut” which means features of the ring according to complex dimensions and angles related to light. This is determined by design, craftsmanship and the overall appearance of the face-up. According to the GIA scale  cut quality ranges from excellent to poor.


As said above it is a bit tricky to come up with a sober purchase of a diamond from the Mervis Diamond Importers. It is, therefore, imperative for one to ask from the right personnel who has substantial training in jewelry just like any other professional consultation. A jewelry professional who is credentialed or a GIA graduate gemologist has the right expertise to help you. In addition to these, you should be proactive enough by doing your research and online research will of great benefit.


Asking for an independent grading report will help you in getting assessment which is unbiased. The authentic independent diamond report gives complete description of each of the C in the 4cs GIA scale and shows if the stone is natural or synthetic. The diamond grading report, also shows any other treatment which the stone could have undergone to change its color or clarity.


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